We reinvent the restructuring and turnaround industry to render insolvency and liquidations obsolete.

Ahead of the business rescue curve, RT is committed to preserving business continuity by proactively generating incredible results with creative and innovative strategies. We don’t just fix financials – we strengthen people and instil a growth mindset.



We value the role each person plays in our business.



Being proactive in the face of uncertainty means generating positive results – creating the future.



We invest and build. Preservation, growth and sustainability are far more valuable than ending and starting again.

The Great Turnaround

We identify the tipping point – that moment at which transformation is required to safeguard your business. Partnering with RT means proactively taking care of your business without compromising the wellbeing of your people.

The Strength of the RT Team

RT comprises a global network with decades of experience. We have reached into the hearts of banks, law firms, corporations and private equity houses and turned the key of transformation. Our strength is working alongside management teams to implement proactive turnaround strategies and ensure continued growth.

We Work Together

RT identifies opportunities for growth and transformation before a crisis. We operate ahead of the curve because creating a future is far more powerful than reacting to it. We tackle challenges with confidence, experience, proactivity and trust, enabling our partners to harness these same values while we innovate together.


We share a vested interest with our clients, giving you focused attention. We hand-pick the skilled services you need in order to proactively turnaround and transform your business. Decisions are swift and solutions are action-based – paying lip service is so last century. Partnering with our clients means empowering you to maintain healthy business results and sustainable business practices. This means continued and courageous growth into the future.

turnaround strategies and ensure continued growth.


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